Concepts: Behind the Cover!

I promised that I would post some cover art concepts, didn’t I?

When thinking about what I wanted for the cover, it was important to me that the book connected to an element that was integral to both the original classic, as well as to my own re-imaging. What better image than a rose?


The first image that caught my eye was this beautifully watercolored rose. When the manuscript was still in its draft stages, this image was a bit of a continuing inspiration for me. I wish I could tell you who originally did this piece- as it is beautiful- but to be honest, it was just something that jumped out at me from Google images. (If you know who did this piece, please comment below and let me know!).

The second image was this photographed rose. Isn’t it beautiful the way that the leaves seem to hug in towards the dying bud, like it’s trying to hide the sight of it’s withered petals? I felt like this was a wonderful representation of a lot of the conflicts going on in the hearts of the main characters- Adam, Jolee and Chip to say the least- and offers a particular view of their souls.

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