Getting the Books!

So, last night I got my first shipment of ‘Till the Last Petal Falls. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box, and finally held one of my own books in my hands, was that the book was a lot heavier than I expected it to be. The cover was glossier, the paper thinner. I guess, throughout this whole process, I’ve been just waiting for someone to pop out from behind a corner and say ‘Surprise!



You’ve been duped!’ and let me know that I really will never be able to   publish my own writing. But here I am, holding almost three hundred pages of my own writing, bound the way that books I’ve been reading for twenty years have always been bound. For me, this is the moment that this has finally become real. This morning, I sent off the pre-order copies and the Goodreads Giveaway copies. All day, I’ve been re-reading the book. So far, I’ve caught a couple typos (my apologies, I suppose the publisher and I aren’t capable of catching everything), and of course the editor in me is wanting to go back and re-write the entire novel right this instant- but overall, I’m pretty pleased with this. For a first novel, I think I’ve done well. In the next couple weeks, as the first readers get into the book and find all its good and bad points, I’ll be able to get my first real feedback on my fictional work- and I hope that people are unforgiving.

I love ‘Till the Last Petal Falls, and I truly enjoyed writing it and getting it prepared, but now my mind is almost fully on To Dwell in Dreams. So far, it’s been much harder to write, as it is further removed from personal experience, and I know that any experience I have with people reading this first novel can only serve to make the second novel even better- by sticking to the positives and ironing out my kinks, as a beginning novelist.

So for all of you who will be receiving this book this week- please, be honest if you leave a review! Like any author, I would really love it if you loved  the book as much as I do, but don’t forget to point out what I did miss, so I can take this opportunity to be a better writer. I want to be able to move forward with the ‘Once Upon a Reality’ series with the best that I can produce, and I don’t want that to be marred by false pride.

I really do hope it has a positive reception, however. I’m excited for everyone to read it, and I’m excited to see where this will take me! Stay tuned for more on the blog tour, and for the initial review reports!



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