Guest Post: ‘Ears Open, Tongues in Cheeks’

Today, I have a guest post from author Kerry Connelly. As a female author who deals with hard issues in her own writing, I asked her to submit a piece relating what part she sees fiction having in being able to cope with some of the tougher aspects of life. Enjoy! 

Injecting Humor into Writing

Let’s just get it out there and call a spade a spade, – life, yes life, the ride you’re on righ404129_10150676222513494_8751347_nt now, – without ever having paid an entrance fee, or having left the comfort of your living room – is tricky.

Tricky, tricky, tricky.

It can be tough, rough, overwhelming and frustrating- sometimes it may feel like it’s all a little too much to handle, which is why I believe humour is such a necessary part of life.

Moods – or emotions- the bad the good and the downright ugly- are all a necessary part of life, as the saying goes ‘how can you appreciate the sweet if you don’t taste the sour?’ Imagine going through each day without the hint of a smile, a chuckle or a grin – what a deeply depressing existence that would be! Times can get rough yes- because life can be rough, and whether humour is used as a defence mechanism, a way to relate to other’s or simply as an off-the cuff remark to brighten someone’s day- it’s definitely a necessity. That’s why I use humour in a lot of my writing- It’s needed, it’s a necessity, a way to relate to others’, and a personally cathartic experience-which can turn into a whole lot of fun.

When life throws us a confusing, frustrating, unhappy, rough, or overwhelming situation, I figure it’s best to try and learn from it. I heard a great phrase once, that I found out was spoken by the great Winston Churchill who said, ‘A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity while an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty’, and as true as that saying goes, humour is a form of optimism and can be injected into many concepts and situations to help lighten the heavy load! Which is what happened when writing my current title ‘Observation City’.

‘Observation City’ was the joyous manifestation of many day to day hard felt experiences, situations and concepts I had either experienced myself, that had happened to friends, or had heard about in one form or another. These interesting concepts of feeling pressure to conform, wondering about your direct karma, doing things that you know you shouldn’t, or wanting someone you can’t have, (to name a few), where all produced from spilt milk, and many handled with some tongue- in- cheek humour rather than moodiness and tears.

Let’s throw in a couple of examples, beginning with a personal account.    I once met a beautiful man, a gentleman in all sense of the word, handsome, smart and naturally kind- he was married to the woman of his dreams.

Every time I was around him I could only feel ripples of happiness, an overwhelming feeling that wow- this man could actually be my soul mate, it was a feeling I hadn’t experienced before.

WHY UNIVERSE WHY? Why would the universe let me meet such a man when he was clearly unavailable?  How frustrating and what a rubbish situation for me, every-time we were around each other apparently I would just ‘glow’, when I’d told my friends he was married, they just couldn’t believe it.  It began to make me wonder -Was this just cupid’s idea of a sick joke? Or something else completely? …And so ‘Cupid’s sly eye’ was born, the first piece in ‘Observation City’.DSC04662

On a wider influenced scale, I had heard many, many people, in their late teens to their late 20’s all complaining about the same thing- an issue I had been struggling with myself- general dissatisfaction. Where was this dissatisfaction coming from? And why was it such an issue that crossed the gender and age gap so broadly? Thinking about things I realised that a generalised society placing emphasis on earning the big bucks, buying a big house, acquiring a ‘high and mighty’ job title – was seemingly getting people down, and so came forth ‘The New 27 Club’ and ‘The notion’.

‘Observation City’ became a bit of fun, a witty collection of relatable situations often injected with snippets of humour. I’m happy to say I have received some letters and reviews from men and women who have said they’ve enjoyed it and they have related to certain pieces which has helped change their outlook on things in their own life. – Something I never expected but has been wonderful to hear.

Indeed humour can be injected into many a situation – if only you choose to do so.


Thankyou Elizabeth for having me. And readers please feel free to contact me via my Facebook Page, Good reads or Official website. I’d love to hear from you.

–    Kerry Louise.


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