Finished First Draft!

Yesterday, I officially finished the first draft of ‘To Dwell in Dreams’- all of the hand-written chapters have been typed up and exported into a single document. All I have to do now is format it so that it will be easier for my editors and beta-readers to go through, and then it will be sent out to them. People are still currently going through it chapter-by-chapter, so I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback up to Chapter Sixteen already, so we’re moving along.

And now, some fun stats regarding the first draft of my Sleeping Beauty re-telling:

-It currently sits at 69, 172 words

-It is 181 manuscript pages ( so a ballpark guess of 362 formatted book-pages)

-It has 30 chapters- each odd numbered chapter is situated in the present, each even numbered chapter is a ‘Dream’.

-For those who have read the first book, you’ll be happy to know that, though the topic is still hard and at some times dark, this second installment is much less violent, and has a much happier ending

What I’m hoping to accomplish with the edits:

-Do more research into my settings, particularly the parts of the story that go into England

-Flesh out a lot more of my descriptions of each character and their surroundings (something I noticed I was lacking in when typing up the first draft)

-Ensure consistency within the timeline of the story (there are a couple of wonky spots, here and there).

– Check the believably of the main character, Lyn, and her character arc. In the initial feedback, I’ve been seeing a couple of trouble spots where I need to go back in and emotionally balance certain scenes.

I’ll keep you all updated on everything- remember, you can now always check on the progress of my second novel at my website, where I will be posting each step as I go.

My next book is a re-telling of ‘Sleeping Beauty’, dealing with the issues of depression, prescription medication addiction, and the a refusal to grow up.

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