Break, What Break?

Here I am, not even three days into my summer break and I’ve fully gotten myself back into the grind. Last night I stayed up until three in the morning with my boyfriend while he finished a paper for his Global Politics class and I re-designed the layout for my poetry blog. Got back up at around seven-ish and have been fine-tuning some posts and some graphic work (also for my poetry, might end up doing some more for quotes I particularly liked from ‘Till the Last Petal Falls when I get around to it). Five minutes ago I fixed my themes on my Tumblr so that you could actually access all of my links. As soon as I finish off my morning coffee I’m going to head off to the gym to walk for an hour, do my morning prayers, and then come back and query a couple more bookstores.

Also today, I’m going through this first run of ‘Till the Last Petal Falls to help my publisher correct those little typos so that they won’t appear in the ebook release (which we are waiting to submit until the typos have been killed)  and in subsequent print runs. The first draft manuscript for To Dwell in Dreams is still circulating for feedback and edits, and I’m trying really hard not to think about it so much.

After I’ve gotten those cataloged and taken care of, I’m going to upload the next section of a project I recently started on. It’s a kind of novella-in-short-stories currently titled Good Women that follows the friendship of three girls from high school until the birth of one of the girls’ first daughter. I’ve been kind of obsessed with this idea of what makes a good friend and what makes ‘good women’, and I’m playing with characters that I feel tend not to be ‘stars’ of most best-friend coming of age “novels for girls”- the main character, Aileen, is a Theology major who enjoys being the follower, even if she ends up the most materially successful and secure; her friend Teagan is a fashionista/photographer who gets kicked out of college for alcohol abuse and ends up in the Navy and doesn’t care about love or sex; and Trisanna is a loud-mouthed tomboy who is constantly aware of how lonely she is and how much she craves attention, but is almost incapable of committing to anything but the love of her best friends. They get into fights and rock at gym class and care almost too much about how tough they seem to other people- basically, I’m trying to write a story that showcases the kind of girl I was exposed to growing up- who is completely different than most of the ideological girls in mainstream writing (who are either stereotypical, or shamed/’fixed’ when they are shown as being different). At the moment, the story is an amalgamation of short-stories- we’ll see if that structure sticks or if I end up developing a flowing narrative…. ah, well. The cycle never ends.

Of course, I really only have to the end of this month to get as far into that as humanly possible- starting in June, I’m putting all of my creative writing projects to the side so that I can dig into and finish the first draft of my undergraduate thesis before my last semester of college starts in August. And I say that now so that I can get embarrassed when I end up slipping back into writing stories instead of thesis sections and actually have some incentive to get things done for school for once! I’ll be glad when I have finished college and I can focus more on my writing without having to stop in between to write paper for professors (even if I do love classes!)

Looks like the sun has come back out so I’m going to go soak in it for a little while before the rain comes back!


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