Indie Fic Review: Awesome

J.M Brink, reviewer for Indie Fic Reviews, left his impressions of the book on his website today. Here are some of the highlights:

This story was not my personal cup of tea…This wasn’t a broken fairytale- it didn’t say there was no happily ever after, or anything of the sort, more like a twisted, dark fairytale and the ending leaves you to decide if it was happy or not… But, and this is important, I read it; I finished it, and I genuinely looked forward to turning the page- the author did a fine job….

…I’m giving this one an awesome. The writing was good…the story was recognizable…and unique; all too often these attempts at retelling the story are a copy and paste of the original work with a few things edited, or the setting updated. This, on the other hand: pure original story with the old tale as a template, very nice…

For the full review, make sure to check out Indie Fic Reviews– J.M. is an honest, no-nonsense kind of guy who is really a joy to network with. I follow his blog for more reviews of small press and self-published titles (or submit my books to him again!), and you should too!

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