Guest Post: The Message

Hello! I’m E. C. Shore from  Pendragon. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be guesting on Once Upon a Reality. On my blog I share my poetry, reviews, and commentary  on  the various mediums used to convey storytelling, and storytelling’s Message. I am very passionate about its idea, and is always  something      I strive for in my writing. One of my works is very reminiscent of   this (and something that I have been working on for the past six   years). My Alexis Trilogy. It has been an example of an   idea  that began as one thing, and grew into something better, and much      more mysterious. Not just the story, but The Message of my  story—the   choice of this individual. All that life has brought about that      challenges and effects her choices, and how her choices defines  life   as it goes on. So many things interweave into truth.


In this story, not only am I  challenged to write the truth of who and what my main character  Alexis is, how her choices increasingly define her, but someone  who  is real—is something better than the typical sissified, sexualized woman portrayed in media, even in current popular books. It is the  challenge in any women’s fiction, in any time, to portray someone  real. Someone we can believe in.


How on earth do I do that?  How do I create someone bigger? Someone who is a real soldier? I   go deep, again and again, into my story. I dig like I’m trying to      reach      the center of the earth. I give her story my time, my sweat. Six years and I’m still going, because I want to know her truth—and      little by little I learn it. I learn new truths every time. Yet  even then, when I picture her, try to feel her, she is still a mystery      to      me. I know so many things about her, about qualities that she has,  but still, in the end, she feels like something of a mystery.


I wonder if that is part of the   truth—so many of us are strangers. Even people we know well. We   know things about them. Love things about them. We feel like we   know  them, but do we truly? How am I to create this young woman   fighting to keep her family afloat in a time of when they may lose everything      important, and she finds herself taken away? Placed in a position  where she cannot even reach them. She is in the midst of complete  strangers. And her story is her choice to partly let go of any  hope  of returning home, of fighting for her family, and      keeping them fed and in the safety of their home; and   instead  striving to defend something else that is worth defending   now—strangers, a different culture that has so many things wrong   with it, but some many things worth saving. Strangers who are a  normal people.


Perhaps the answer is simple, at  least in part. We can’t expect to find complete and utter  understanding. Because human beings are amazingly changeable,   surprising—of fathomless depth. But there are so many around us who  have left their real stories behind. People who have been fathers  and  mothers, laborers and soldiers. Their words are there for us.   Perhaps  I will find part of Alexis’s truth in their words.



Perhaps they can help show us  the way, with our own writing.



I’d love to see y’all over at Pendragon! I  can also be found on Facebook, Figment, an  Authonomy.  And Kindle, if you’d like a look at what I have up. I would love to hear from  you, be it to just say hi, to share an idea, or to state that I’m      from another planet. (I’d enjoy the latter very immensely).

I also have another blog, Out My Front        Door~A Girl’s Take On Life, where I share my daily life and      progress as I strive for my dreams. Occasionally I share      writing/art-related topics on there as well!

E.C. Shore


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