The Summer that Isn’t.

July is fast approaching, and I realize that (yet again) I’m not nearly as organized or as productive as I wish to be. I’m just about at the half way point with my thesis first draft, and I’m coming along painfully slow with the edits on To Dwell in Dreams. Still no word on when ‘Till the Last Petal Falls will be available as an ebook, which is becoming slightly worrying. I’ll keep you all updated with that as much as I possibly can, I promise. I’ve been picking up more writing of the Good Women novella first draft, now that I’ve settled into a good routine with the girls that I nanny. Lately, I’ve been working all day,  coming home, eating dinner, working out and then writing my thesis and that’s nearly all I’ve been doing. My older sister comes to visit next week and I’ll be very glad for the small break in the monotony that is beginning to take over my summer. I’m not really liking this whole ‘becoming an adult’ thing, as necessary as it might be. At least I’m trying, though. And I really do consciously remind myself often that being this busy is a privileged, and not a burden, in the end. It’s hard to keep that attitude up at all times, though. I just need to sleep for a full twenty-four hours or something.

This week I’m going to try to get to a new ‘Why I Write’ post and also a ‘Becoming a Better Writer’ post. Might not post them both this week, but I at least want to get working on them. Also, planning on finishing the latest section of Good Women. I realize that I’m really enjoying the relationship dynamics and dialogue that are kind of just appearing in this work, but I need to go back and add in a lot more sensory detail. On that note, I also have two short stories that I’ve been shopping around to different journals, so I got my fingers crossed on those! ‘Till next time!

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