Hey! Listen!

Aside from channeling my inner Navi, I’d like to put a little call out to some of my followers who might also be writers: two writing contests, from a publisher who has handled a bit of my own work (my latest short story and the poetry collection under my real name), so essentially a publisher I trust a ton.

The contests are being run through eLectio publishing , a relatively new publisher of Christian-values-friendly material. There’s more about what that means exactly on their website, but its safe to say that you do not need to be Christian, or a Christian writer, to be published through them.


And now for more info on what you need for the contests (the deadline for both is October 15th!) :


2014 C.W. Coats Novel Award Contest

-Previously unpublished work of full-length fiction (so more than 25,000 words)

-Must be submitted electronically

-Prize: Publication in both print and eBook formats, $100 award minimum, with publication slated for the end of the second quarter of 2014.

-Other novels that they like, but don’t necessarily win, might also be offered a standard publishing contractep

-Entry fee: $15 per submission, multiple submissions allowed


George and Betty Colton Short Fiction Award Contest

-Previously unpublished work of short fiction (anything under 25,000 words)

-Top three entries will be published electronically by eLectio publishing, first place will win $50, second place will win $30 and third will win $20 (though the award amount may increase due to number of submitters)

-Other short pieces they like, but don’t win, might also be published

-Entry fee: $10 per submission, multiple submissions allowed




Winners are announced January 15th, 2014 (That’s only a 3 month turnaround, so not much of a wait!)


I know I’m going to be entering, so wish me luck- and I hope to hear of all of your entries as well!

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