NaNoWriMo Update

So we’re halfway-ish through NaNoWriMo, so my update e-mails tell me.

At this point, I have written 26,225 words of the Painting the  Roses Red project, which translates to about seven chapters in a end goal of 40. This is a much bigger project for me, but now that I’ve started it I’m really pumped for it. It’s really done the trick of putting me in a different place and challenging what I can do as a writer within my personal favorite genre: fantasy. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this month with at least ten chapters finished and typed up of the final draft- leaving me only thirty to go after that- and starting next month I’ll be actively seeking beta readers to go chapter by chapter as I update them to make the editing process go that much more smoothly in the end.

Also starting to file away the names of potential fantasy agents and small presses for when this project is completely finished- through I’m pretty sure we’ll have at least another year or so to go before then.


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