2014 Resolutions!

This year brings with it a lot of big changes (being out of school for the first time in almost two decades, beginning work, getting serious about my writing career, etc) and with that, I would like to hold myself to a couple of writing-related resolutions that I think will help keep me on track.

1) Blog no less than twice a month on the Once Upon a Reality blog

2) Write small reviews of every book I read on my Goodreads account to serve a dual purpose: 1) to help me consciously make better stylistic choices in my own writing by writing out what does and does not work for me in my own recreational reading and 2) to help my readers get to know me better through my reading choices

3) Dedicate one day a week to contributing more actively on the social media sites I’m on- LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc- and become a more active member of the author-reader community online. This includes listening and promoting the works/essays/thoughts of others as much as it includes contributing.

4) Finish Painting the Roses Red and start The Thing About Apples. Write for at least an hour every weekday. Try to keep a strict schedule for writing now that I’ve lost much of the schedule that I’ve kept during my academic career.

5) Keep myself in shape- mentally, physically, spiritually. Can’t be much of a good writer if I’m not being a good person, and I can’t be a good person if I’m not taking care of myself!

Hopefully I’ll be able to look at this list happily by the time 2015 rolls around!


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