Updates: Halfway Through!

Man, has this year been a whirlwind. My second novel, To Dwell in Dreams, has been published for almost half a year, and yet I’m barely only halfway through the first draft of the third. I was so excited for The Thing About Apples as well. I fell in to the pit of letting the rest of my life take precedent over my writing, however, and I find myself far behind on my own deadlines.

Which is not to say that I’ve been having a horrible time. Sure, some of the delay has been coming from family issues, relationship bumps and a couple of super stressful weeks here and there. But I also let some of the good things get in the way- new video game releases that I was looking forward to, volunteering as a mentor at my parish, losing more than fifteen pounds through dedicating myself to new work-out regimens, spending time with family in my free time, etc. This has been awesome, and I have really enjoyed it- but I do regret that I allowed my writing to be one of the first things to take the back burner when other things vied for my attention. I in no way want to be giving up these new things that I’ve been getting back in to (though I’m perfectly fine with giving up the stress!). Instead, I am committing myself to streamlining my drafting processes, as well as my submission processes (mostly for my short works at the moment) so that I can fit everything in together as much as humanly possible.

For Christmas I bought myself new binders, new notebooks, new sticky-tabs and new pens so that I can write more on-the-go. I finished that new video game I wanted (Dragon Age: Inquisition, for those wondering), so I can fit more typing in in those hours after work that was being taken up with gaming. I’ve been letting other people volunteer where I usually would have volunteered myself first, so that I can save that energy for times where I specifically am needed. I am reaching out to those in my circle who have expressed interest in helping (via beta reading, help editing, help advertising, etc) and getting ready to create new promotional materials for myself as an author, to take to new events that I’m excited to get my name out there at.

2015 is going to be a time for me to really gear into this whole ‘writing’ thing. I’m settled back into my family home, I’m stable in my relationship, and I have a job stability that I haven’t had before. I’m going to take this opportunity to push myself as far as I can to achieve my dream of one day becoming a full-time author, able to pull my weight in a family unit on my writing alone. As always, I appreciate all of the support and prayers that I have gotten through the years, and ask that you continue to keep me in your thoughts as I keep trying to produce better, more exciting stories for you in the upcoming years.

What are you going to do different this year, whether you are a writer or a reader, and what has been keeping you back from that?


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