On Budgeting and Schedules

January is a prime time for getting your life together, and for once I’m grabbing it by the horns and giving it all I’ve got.

Lately I’ve been dwelling more on where I want to be in five years- Namely married, in a home I’ve bought and with a paid off car. When I dream, I sure don’t dream small. With all of the work I’ve already done, these things are viable. But I need to work harder. Work smarter. I need to reduce my spending by almost half and get serious about saving. I need to manage my time even better in order to capitalize on what I can do. I need to become more efficient with my self-care so that I can achieve my dreams without letting myself go.

Easy, right? A large part of me wants to take a long walk off a short bridge just at the thought of all of this. If I get so stressed out just thinking about it, how can I ever manage it? My goals are worthy, but even the thought of what I can have with just a little more discipline is rarely enough to make me feel better.

That’s when I remind myself that this has never been about making myself feel better. This is about making me better, period. Parts of that are going to suck. It’s not going to feel good. It’s going to make me angry and sad sometimes. I’m going to want to give up and give in more often than not.

At the end of the day, however, I’ll be in a better position. More time to devote to writing. More time to devote to raising a family. Less worries about car payments so I can move on to mortgage payments and saving for my children in the future. Preparing for my family now, as a single young adult, will help me become a better wife and mother, which will lay the foundations for my spouse and my children having that freedom and peace within which to become people who can change the world. If I can make myself better, I can ensure that there are more opportunities for those around me to be the best versions of themselves.

So in reality, I’m not making stricter budgets and schedules just for myself. I’m making them to benefit all those I love, all of those I come in contact with. And if that doesn’t always make me feel good, I can at least find peace in reflecting on that.

On that note, Once Upon A Reality will be switching from a sporadic posting schedule to regularly scheduled posts every other Sunday. If you have a post topic you would like to have me cover, or have a guest post you would wish to submit, feel free to comment or e-mail me with your ideas. Otherwise, here’s to a rejuvenated discipline!


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