Lent 2015

So Lent begins this Wednesday (ah, so early!). Just like with my New Year’s Resolutions, I post what I’m doing for Lent (yes, I am proudly Roman Catholic) for accountability and solidarity reasons.

What I am giving up/doing for Lent this year is:

1) Veiling. I did this last year and it was super fruitful.

2) Abstaining from all fast food and limiting myself to a maximum of two restaurant visits per month (only for celebratory purposes. Never for an ‘I feel like going out’ sort of thing)

3) Praying my rosary more often. Right now, I’m at once a week (usually right before mass). I’m hoping that I’ll increase my devotion through making sure that I pray at least one rosary when I do my 45 min walks with the baby at work.

4) Cultivating a heart of gratitude. I will be offering my extra rosaries not for petitions, or for issues, but in gratitude for the blessings that I do have. I hope this will help me become more content and at peace with myself at the same time encouraging myself to do more with my life rather than becoming discourage by perceived failures, obstacles or shortcomings.

What are you giving up for Lent? If you are not Catholic/Christian, what would you give up for forty days in order to renew your life?

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