Becoming a Better Writer: Nerding Out

I feel like it might almost be a given that if you are an author, you’re probably a nerd of some sort. I think some of my favorite author interviews or posts are of authors geeking out about all these different kinds of fandoms: sci-fi, music, anime, pop culture, classic lit, etc. I’ve always seen that as an author’s passion just leaking out into everything. Authors love to absorb, they love to experience, they love to try out new perspectives and make themselves uncomfortable.

I would definitely call myself a nerd. Proudly, I call myself a nerd. I’m a huge fan of Sailor Moon, Harley Quinn, shipping Rogue and Gambit, Alice in Wonderland, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. I have prints all over my rooms, collectors books all up in my shelves, t-shirts and bags and shoes all splattered crazy with their faces and logos and quotes. I know stupid amounts of obscure trivia and I don’t find that weird. I love to talk to other nerds, to dress up with other nerds and congregate with other nerds to celebrate the awesomeness that is a shared love of  imagination and creativity.

So, of course, this past week I went back to Denver Comic Con. This was my third con, and it was also the second time I got to meet one of my favorite authors, Frank Beddor, of The Looking Glass Wars series. If you remember my last post about Frank, I cannot begin to explain what he has meant to me as an author. Pratchett may have made me love stories, and make me want to write, but Beddor taught me what a person could do with fairy-tale re-tells. With female warriors who weren’t part of a satirical world. He got me legitimately interested in trying out my own stories, knowing that it had been done. Could be done.


And this time, I didn’t nearly pass out on him (If you remember, last time I didn’t recognize him and so humiliated myself by fangirling about the series right to his face before almost breaking into hysterics and making a crying face at the camera). I was able to thank him, properly. I got another two(!) signatures and a picture to add to my little Wonderland wall (which is the featured image, also has a bunch of framed Kevin Eslinger art along with it, and the Alyss and Redd from Beddor’s series). Without him, ‘Once Upon a Reality’ wouldn’t have happened. And after seeing him again, and enjoying all of the amazing artists at DCC’15, I’m even more fired up about my upcoming projects.

I can’t wait to make some reader, someday, as excited to see me as I was excited to meet Beddor. That’s my new goal, going forward. Wish me luck!


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