Thank You Blessings

I am often struck by the way in which the biggest blessings tend to come at just the right time. Fiance and I have been hard at work in buying a house- we’ve made a ton of offers, and were even under contract at one point but it fell through because of some concerns in the inspection. We’ve been so zeroed in on house hunting and initial marriage prep that I have felt lately that I don’t have any time to write. That writing almost isn’t the priority that I’ve made it out to be.

And then I got a package in the mail- a handful of thank-you notes from Pomona High School students that I had visited a couple of weeks ago to talk about my short story, Wanakufa. Many of them mentioned my ‘positive energy’ and said that I had been a funny, interesting presenter. One of them said that I had inspired her to become a better actress, and to write more. Another said that I had solidified her dream of going into publishing. All of them talked about how much they had truly enjoyed Wanakufa and my writing.

Now I know that they probably got a little extra credit for writing these notes, but what they wrote felt genuine and man, did it feel good. This is what I write for, after all. Not for fame or tons of money (though enough of that to support a family would be nice), but for the way it can change people’s lives- or even just bring a small light into lives, even for a little while. All of my tiredness in terms of writing went away in reading these thank-yous, and I am rejuvenated for this next year to write better, write more, and keep on becoming that writer that I want to be.

Don’t forget, this Christmas season, that writers really do enjoy seeing how their work affects others. You can send a thank-you or a letter to your favorite author. Another great way to show authors you enjoy that you care is to write reviews- let them know what you liked about their work, let other people know about them. I am always thankful for reviews, good or bad, as they help me decide where next to go, or improve, with my writing career.

How will you support your favorite authors into the next year?


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