2017 Resolutions

Alright, so 2016 was a bit rougher of a year than I had planned on it being. Mostly because I planned on doing so many big things at once and hadn’t been realistic about how much I could really handle at one time. I did manage to marry my best friend, thank goodness. I never managed to edit through Painting the Roses Red, write anything new, or work harder on my promotions. I ended up gaining 10 pounds back of the weight I’d lost, and I left off my blogging schedule once the weather turned cold and the wedding loomed closer. It was a big year though, so I’m not kicking myself too hard. Instead, I’m going to focus on doing better next year.

With that in mind, next year I will:

1. Get those last 10 pounds back off

2. Get back into editing Painting the Roses Red, with the goal of re-submitting it to publishers/agents by the end of the year

3. Really sink some time and resources into promoting myself as a writer. Dedicate time that I can’t to writing to material to shopping myself around for appearances, guest blogs, etc.


I have a small list this year because I really want to be able to keep myself to it (even going to buy a planner this week to keep everything straight). What were your resolutions? What will they be in the new year?



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