Why Elizabeth Rose?

Yes, Elizabeth Rose is an alias. Yes, I have been comfortably published using my real name for several years now. So why start publishing under a different name?

Because I’m writing differently. I will continue to publish my poetry under my real name- because those are my real feelings, subject to change just as my poet name will change as I marry or divorce or go through a mid-life crisis in which I want to be called just Buttercup.

Fiction is a bit trickier. Sure, I’m still putting a lot of my feelings into everything that I am writing. But they’re more carefully worded. Better trimmed. Placed in the context of foreign situations and into the bodies of made-up characters. It comes out of a core part of me that doesn’t change as dynamically as the poetic part of me does. So I chose a part of my name (yes, my alias is part of my real name) that would never change. And I will publish all fiction projects under this same name.

I hope I haven’t confused anyone too much.


3 thoughts on “Why Elizabeth Rose?

    • That’s definitely why I keep the changing names with my poetry- that work reflects who I am at the current time the most obviously. My fiction ends up being written, then edited, then submitted, and then edited again to the point that I might be a different person entirely by the time it comes out. For me, the single name for my fiction is easier. Keeps everything that needs to be together, together ^^ I like your point though!

      • Going through a metamorphosis equivalent to a cartoon character as your writing. I can see it now. Definitely would make for an interesting story.

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