The Thing About Apples

“For her fifteenth birthday, Anoira White’s step-mother bought her a boyfriend.”


So begins the coming-of-age tale of Ann, a young girl with undiagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome growing up under the thumb of her high-maintenance step-mother, Hilde. When Hilde forces Ann to enter a beauty pageant in order to continue to be with her friends, Ann will put everything on the line in order to stand up for them—and for herself. But will her hard work be enough to overcome the monumental hurdle of an undiagnosed mental disorder? Or will Ann discover a new way in which to accept the way that she was made?

The third installment of the Once Upon a Reality series, The Thing About Apples is a modern re-telling of Snow White that re-defines what it means to be “fairest in the land.”

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10% of all author royalties will be donated to the Autism Women’s Network. Donations do not reflect an endorsement on the part of the recipients and are given entirely at the author’s discretion.