2017 Resolutions

Alright, so 2016 was a bit rougher of a year than I had planned on it being. Mostly because I planned on doing so many big things at once and hadn’t been realistic about how much I could really handle at one time. I did manage to marry my best friend, thank goodness. I never managed to edit through Painting the Roses Red, write anything new, or work harder on my promotions. I ended up gaining 10 pounds back of the weight I’d lost, and I left off my blogging schedule once the weather turned cold and the wedding loomed closer. It was a big year though, so I’m not kicking myself too hard. Instead, I’m going to focus on doing better next year.

With that in mind, next year I will:

1. Get those last 10 pounds back off

2. Get back into editing Painting the Roses Red, with the goal of re-submitting it to publishers/agents by the end of the year

3. Really sink some time and resources into promoting myself as a writer. Dedicate time that I can’t to writing to material to shopping myself around for appearances, guest blogs, etc.


I have a small list this year because I really want to be able to keep myself to it (even going to buy a planner this week to keep everything straight). What were your resolutions? What will they be in the new year?



Happy New Years!: 2015 Resolutions

Looking back on my 2014 resolutions, it turns out that I actually did a lot better than I thought I would. I definitely fell behind once or twice on blogging once a month, but I did up my post count so there was progress there. I have been making much more use of my Goodreads account (read and reviewed more than 60 fiction books this year!), as well as my social media. I finished Painting the Roses Red and it is currently being circulated in submission, and I’ve gotten halfway through The Thing About Apples. 

So here’s my 2015 resolutions, and here’s to hoping that I’ll keep them just as well as last years:

1) Actually blog twice a month on the Once Upon a Reality blog. Be strict with my scheduling, maybe even develop a posting schedule.

2) Continue to become better at marketing myself and my works to a broader audience. Become more serious about advertising.

3) Beat last year’s record for my reading challenge on Goodreads.

4) Finish The Thing About Apples and have it ready for submission by fall at the latest.

5) Get back in to short story writing/editing. Get back into submitting short works as regularly as possible.

6) Finish with my weight loss (I’m halfway to my goal) by 2016.

7) Update, revamp and rehaul all of my websites as needed.

What are your resolutions? Any repeats from last yeat?