Conversations in the Abyss Tour Stop!

Taking a break from my own blog tour, today I’m hosting a tour stop of author Michael Brookes for the release of Conversations in the Abyss, the sequel to the 5-star rated supernatural thriller, Cult of Me.

I was curious to know how Michael got into publishing, and what it was like for him to dive into fiction. So I asked him a couple of questions- I hope you all enjoy them!


Elizabeth Rose: What got you into writing?

Michael Brookes: My love of reading. I always been an avid reader and reading other people’s stories sparks ideas of my own. Writing provides an outlet for those stories.

ER: What drives you to publish your work?

MB: The simple answer is to share the stories. I’ve written short stories for most of my life, but only in the past few years did I consider releasing them into the wild. Although if it hadn’t been for the support of other writers and their encouragement I probably wouldn’t have released my stories to the public.

ER: Do you self-publish or go through traditional channels?

MB: I self publish. This provides me with the advantage of being in control of every stage of the publishing process. Self publishing brings the opportunit

y to publish to us all, although authors have a duty to make sure what they publish deserves to be.


ER: What in your experience are the pros and cons of both kinds of publishing?

MB: Publishing houses

 bring a great deal to the table. They provide the support needed to nurture authors and the resources. The difficulty for authors is becoming part of this process. It’s more tricky for authors who write cross-genre or niche work.

Self publishing allows anyone to publish their work, but you do so without the valuable support network.

It’s early days, but I think there’s enough space for both models.

ER: What was the hardest part of the publication process? The easiest? 

MB: I find promotion the hardest part of the process. Connecting with readers takes time and constant effort. Not necessarily the easiest, but the most fun is writing the first draft.

ER: What advice would you give writers seeking to publish? 

MB: Keep writing. You should always be seeking to improve your skills. Listen to the advice of others, but make your own decisions. And keep writing.


ER: What do you think is the most important part of marketing? 

MB: If I knew that secret I’d be a millionaire 🙂  I think the best thing is to be honest with prospective readers.

ER: What tools/services/sites have you found most useful?

MB: For sites KUF and Goodreads have been very useful. And not really a tool, but test readers and an editor are invaluable.

ER: What are your long term goals for publishing? Short term?

MB: Short term I want to release another novel this year and finish two more first drafts. In the long term I’d like to write full time.

ER: Tell us about your current project/ upcoming projects. 

MB: I’ve just finished ‘Conversations in the Abyss’, the sequel to my first novel ‘The Cult of Me’.

A synopsis of Conversations in the Abyss:

Stealing Lazarus’s miracle gifted him immortality. Combined with his natural ability of invading and controlling people’s minds this made him one of the most dangerous people on Earth.

But the miracle came with a price. His punishment was to be imprisoned within the walls of an ancient monastery and tormented by an invisible fire that burned his body perpetually. To escape the pain he retreated deep into his own mind.

There he discovers the truth of the universe and that only he can stop the coming Apocalypse.

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Michael Brookes is an Executive Producer with a leading UK games developer. Working in games and writing are two of his life passions and considers himself fortunate to be able to indulge them both. He lives in the east of England, enjoying starry skies in the flattest part of the country. When not working or writing he can sometimes be found sleeping. Which is good as that is where many good ideas come from.


Book Blog Tour: The Cult of Me

Today, I get interviewed by Michael Brookes, author of The Cult of Me and Conversations in the Abyss. This interview is all about my writing, how I get into the mood for it, and some of my biggest influences!

February Progress: Writing, Writing, Writing

Hello everyone! I know that we were expecting for ‘Till the Last Petal Falls to have been out by this point, but due to some weather and electronic hiccups it’s probably going to be another week before the book is sent out. I’m sorry for inconvenience that this might cause, but the good news is that that means that the 15% off pre-orders is still going on, and will continue until the books are shipped to me 😀

In the meantime, here’s an update about what I’ve been doing in the world of writing:

  •     Finishing up the last couple of guest posts for the March Book Blog Tour. I’ve got a couple of stellar blogs lined up for this, and I think you are all going to love some of the posts and interviews that I’ve gotten ready for everyone!
  •     I’m now up to chapter twenty in the first draft of To Dwell in Dreams- only ten more chapters to go before I can turn the thing around and start editing and revising up to manuscript status (that part will probably take all summer, if I’m going to hazard a guess- this novel takes a bit more work in terms of consistency and making sure that things are up to standard with writing outside of my own personal experience. I might enlist the help of beta readers with this one!)
  •    In my university fiction class I’ve been drafting and drafting new short stories that I will edit through workshopping and peer-readers, hopefully culminating in submitting the stories under my fiction name to a couple of literary magazines. I’ve currently written three stories, entitled: He Who Wrestles With God, Synonymous, and Echoes. This is my first time really wandering into the realm of short stories, and it’s been a really fun challenge so far.

So that’s it for now, hopefully I’ll be able to have more for you regarding TLLPF sometime by early next week! I’m super excited to be able to hold it in my hands! So soon!