Today I Met One of My Heroes…

Frank Beddor, author of the Looking Glass Wars series. I’ve always been in love with Alice in Wonderland with all of its forms, so when I saw several years ago that there was a re-imagining of the classic surrounding the idea of an imagination war, I was immediately taken. So when I went to the Denver ComiCon today, you can imagine how tickled I was that there was an entire booth dedicated to him. I was determined to get something from his booth- and so promised the boy manning the booth that I would be back later.

When I came back, another man started talking to my housemate, who had come with me. When he asked if she knew much about the series, she responded, “No, but my friend knows all about it. She has the whole series.” Which, of course, prompts me to start gushing about the Looking Glass Wars right then and there because I just can’t help it.

The guy then smiles and says, “Well that’s good, because I’m Frank.”

I almost passed out.

Elizabeth Rose with Frank Beddor at Denver ComiCon, 2013.

Elizabeth Rose with Frank Beddor at Denver ComiCon, 2013.

We hugged, talked a bit, and then I ended up getting a signed print of Redd and a picture with him. I wish I wasn’t freaking out so much, because I really did want to say how much reading his work has meant to me. He, (along with the likes of Gregory Macguire) helped introduce me to my main passion- re-working classic tales to find new meaning. Reading The Looking Glass Wars showed me how an author can bring themselves to the level of their audience- to speak in a language that the audience already knows in order to say something fantastic and new. I can’t wait to start reading the Hatter Madrigan stories! I had heard about them awhile back, but had never had the chance to take a look at them- I saw them at the booth today, and was taken aback again. So it’s safe to say that Frank is pretty high up there when it comes to who influences me as a writer, and who I look up to. I’m so honored to have had the opportunity to meet him!

In other news, I also thought it was pretty awesome how many author booths there were at ComiCon, as well as how many small press booths there were. It was really neat to see new and recurring authors alike giving their book pitches just the same as I would- very encouraging to me, personally.

And of course, it was fun to dress up and see everyone’s costumes and whatnot. Overall, a very, very, very, very good day.