Progress Report: Feedbacking and Reviews!

Cool news, friends- the first beta-reader has now completely gotten through the entire first draft of To Dwell in Dreams! I definitely have some work to do here and there, and I knew that, but having that feedback is going to make it that much easier for me to pinpoint where the biggest issues with this manuscript is, and where I can improve this new book so that I can eventually present to the public the best version of it possible! Also getting some great advice from my older sister about how to write the chapters that take place in the UK- since she lived there and was stationed there for awhile, she’s been catching all the small problems that I’ve had in describing those parts of Lyn’s life! Oh, I just keep getting so excited to edit this so that I can send it out for publication consideration… good thing my beta readers are keeping me from rushing the whole process!

On another note, another blogger review of Till the Last Petal Falls will be coming out sometime this week from J.M. Brink, which I’ve been anxiously awaiting! Cross your fingers, let’s hope this one is a good review as well!

Speaking of reviewing, if you or someone you know has already read ‘Till the Last Petal Falls, would you mind leaving your own review, either on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads? New authors like me rely on reader reviews in order to help spread the word about this book and to convince other readers to pick up the title (and bookstores!). Reviews also let me know what I did good, and what I could improve on, so that I can progress as an author and keep writing better novels than the last. Simply leave a comment on the book’s page stating one or two specific things that you enjoyed about the book (while avoiding spoilers, if possible!), and then one or two specific things that could have been improved on (style-wise, description-wise, story-wise, or even the level of violence or cursing). I would really, truly appreciate it!

I’ve been thinking of some kind of reward to give to my fans for when a certain number of reviews has been posted, but I can’t think of anything off of the top of my head- what would you all prefer? If I hit ten reviews (can be negative or positive, but to ‘count’, they must be comprehensive as to why the reviewer liked/ didn’t like the novel) on any of the three sites mentioned above, I will either:

– Draw a character from ‘Till the Last Petal Falls as I imagined him or her (with a caveat: I’m not great at drawing, but I really will try)

-Release my planning notes for any character (I’ll hold a poll for when that time comes)

-Post a first draft chapter from my next manuscript (with the understanding that the sample posted is a rough, unedited first draft and can/will undergo many changes before publication)

-Post a drawing of the main character from my next planned novel

-Another option that I haven’t thought about that you will post down below in the comments!

Let me know what you think of this option!


Last Week In January: Progress

So, so far this week:

I’ve gotten one brick-and-mortar bookstore to agree to carry ‘Till the Last Petal Falls

Jaime and I have decided on the book trailer to be rolled out later this evening on all social media streams

My Goodreads is now set up, getting ready to put together a nice launch giveaway when dates are set

Still talking to representatives to settle on what organizations will receive the 10% royalties from me (there are a lot of really good programs/ shelters in Colorado, it’s hard to choose! But I want to make sure most of my donation will be going directly to help battered women/children and not to administrative fees, so I’m being cautious)

Still talking to reps from other bookstores to figure out their consignment policies- will be possibly looking into placing consignment at the Boulder Bookstore and a couple of feminist bookstores around the country. If you have any suggestions on what stores I should look into, or if you would like me to ensure that the book will be available in an independent bookstore near you, feel free to comment suggestions!

Also looking into any book clubs who might want to tackle discussion of domestic violence and how it is portrayed in woman’s fiction, using ‘Till the Last Petal Falls as a reference point. I would always be up to join these discussions, whether that is through being there physically (in-state or reimbursed travel) or by other means (Skype, e-mail, video recording). Comment or e-mail to see if I can get you an even bigger deal on a bulk book club order.



Don’t forget to place your pre-order for 15% off the retail price  through, lasting only through the third week of February, and friend Elizabeth Rose on Goodreads (look under ‘Till the Last Petal Falls) to check for when I will be holding the launch giveaway.