March Progress: Manuscript #3

Today I finished the first draft of the fantasy manuscript that I started for NaNoWriMo, Painting the Roses Red. Current stats stack the project at forty chapters with 141, 432 words. Regardless of where I go later wit this project, I’m proud of myself for finishing such a big project in five months. The target finishing date was by the June release of my next novel- and I’m nearly two months ahead of schedule. I’ve really enjoyed writing it, and depending on how the first readers receive it, I’m really looking forward to polishing it and seeing how it fares in submission processes somewhere down the road.

I’m going to take about a week off from anything writing-related and just read and play video games in the time I’ve been using for drafting. Then I’ll dive right back into it, beginning the planning processes for The Thing About Apples, the third installment of my current ‘Once Upon a Reality’ series. This next one is going to be the most personal and I also think the most fun out of the current books in the series, so I really look forward for this one being a lighter, more fun coming-of-age novel than the previous two that took on more heady, series subjects.

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me thus far, giving me encouragement and well-placed kicks in the rear to keep up the momentum.


2013 in Review

2013 saw the publication of my first novel and three short stories. I completed my second novel and am now hard at work on my third (from a separate planned series) and have also written two other short stories and a novella. When I think about how I basically made the decision to jump back in to fiction writing in 2011, I am exceedingly proud of where I am today, and am spurred on to try to break more personal goals in the upcoming year- including finishing my third novel and securing publication for my second novel, novella, and other short stories. I couldn’t do it without everyone’s love and support in these past two years- you all keep me going, keep me trying to become a better writer than I was tomorrow!


Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful new year!

Getting Ready for Halloween! And an Update.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays by far- and I have so much to do this week! My costume this year is Casual!90s era Rogue from X-Men- I’ll be posting pictures of that later on this week for everyone. Tonight, I get to go to my English Department’s Annual Halloween party and should be getting plenty of material for that.

Writing-wise, I’ve been a bit on a hiatus (or what I would consider a hiatus- a week or two and I feel like I haven’t written in forever, even when I haven’t dropped things too much). I’ve been still submitting a couple of the short stories/novella pieces I wrote recently, (most notably Katherine’s Shadow and Good Women) so we’ll see where they go- I have an unnamed short story in the works, and The Right Time (a short story about twenty-something relationships in today’s social climate) is halfway through first drafting stages. In response to NaNoWriMo I’ve also begun drafting up the plot for the first book in a trilogy series apart from ‘Once Upon a Reality’, just to stretch my creative juices. We’ll see how far we can get through this book in this month before returning back to work on The Thing About Apples– or if I want to go ahead and take a break from that series to really buckle down on ‘The Wonder Land Chronicles’.

I always like to get the biggest chunks of actual writing out of the way as soon as any kind of inspiration hits me- that way, the bulk of my work is done in fine-tuning, editing, and fleshing out scenes rather than building things as I go. It’s also nice to jump genres for a little while, take a break from the more reality-based stories and flex my mind with a story more in the fantasy vein of things. We will see if I want to formally submit this to NaNoWriMo or if I will just be putting in the work alongside others in my own way- in either case, I’ll be writing in solidarity with all you other writers who are participating! It’s always a great opportunity to get pumped, keep going, and to push yourself into a great spurt of writing work. With my thesis defense coming up this next Monday, I’ll finally be out of the hardest part of this semester and into time where I can write more of what I want, when I want. I can’t wait!

Blog Tour Kick Off: It’s In the Details!

My, my- look how the time flies! Here we are in the last week of February- only two more days left of my Goodreads Giveaway and the first copies of ‘Till the Last Petal Falls are due in my hands by next week!

So why not kick off my Blog Tour right with a wonderful blog dedicated to the support and encouragement of new authors? At ‘It’s All In the Details’  blogger Michelle Hauck posts inspirational guest pieces about how and when other authors ‘got the call’ to publish. (Something she’s no stranger to, as her own YA epic fantasy is slated to be published here in the Spring!). Why not check out her blog and see where I got my ‘call’ to publishing?

February Progress: Writing, Writing, Writing

Hello everyone! I know that we were expecting for ‘Till the Last Petal Falls to have been out by this point, but due to some weather and electronic hiccups it’s probably going to be another week before the book is sent out. I’m sorry for inconvenience that this might cause, but the good news is that that means that the 15% off pre-orders is still going on, and will continue until the books are shipped to me 😀

In the meantime, here’s an update about what I’ve been doing in the world of writing:

  •     Finishing up the last couple of guest posts for the March Book Blog Tour. I’ve got a couple of stellar blogs lined up for this, and I think you are all going to love some of the posts and interviews that I’ve gotten ready for everyone!
  •     I’m now up to chapter twenty in the first draft of To Dwell in Dreams- only ten more chapters to go before I can turn the thing around and start editing and revising up to manuscript status (that part will probably take all summer, if I’m going to hazard a guess- this novel takes a bit more work in terms of consistency and making sure that things are up to standard with writing outside of my own personal experience. I might enlist the help of beta readers with this one!)
  •    In my university fiction class I’ve been drafting and drafting new short stories that I will edit through workshopping and peer-readers, hopefully culminating in submitting the stories under my fiction name to a couple of literary magazines. I’ve currently written three stories, entitled: He Who Wrestles With God, Synonymous, and Echoes. This is my first time really wandering into the realm of short stories, and it’s been a really fun challenge so far.

So that’s it for now, hopefully I’ll be able to have more for you regarding TLLPF sometime by early next week! I’m super excited to be able to hold it in my hands! So soon!

Coming Soon: Pre-Order Information!

As we near publication, I’m going to begin to take pre-orders! The retail price for the book is going to be $16.95, and I’m hoping to be able to offer the pre-order copies for 10-15% off retail price, as well as hand-signing each copy (and providing a personal message, if requested). I will be putting up more information, as in how to pre-order, how to pay for your copies, when to expect your copies, by the end of the week, but I wanted to be able to give everyone a heads up. As of this moment, we only have a ballpark estimate of when the printed copies will be finished/delivered to me so that I will be able to deliver them to you, the reader, so I feel like I will not ask for payment until I am able to tell you that I will be sending the book out that day.

However, if you would like to begin to ‘pre-reserve’ your copies now, feel free to e-mail me at with the best e-mail to contact you back with, as well as how many copies you think you would like. As soon as I have a solid pre-order price, and again when I have a solid date for shipping and what not, I will e-mail you back and keep you updated on when you can look forward to holding your very own copy of ‘Till the Last Petal Falls!

Progress Update: Long Overdue!

What with the recent release of my first poetry collection early this November, it seems like I’ve all but forgotten about ‘Till the Last Petal Falls in the whirl of the book launch, preparation, and promotion. I promise you, that’s not the case! Even amidst all the nerve-wracking, and yet wonderfully fulfilling readings and appearances, I’m constantly working on ‘Till the Last Petal falls and the rest of the Once Upon a Reality series.

After touching base with my editor, Regina, today I now know that she has finished the last round of edits and will be getting it back to me to work on in the next week or so (just in time for my holiday break!). So in that respect we are just that much closer to publication!

Along with that, we are also tweaking and perfecting the YouTube video advertisment that will be released for the book. It looks great as it is, however I requested a couple of image changes to protect the rights of one of my favorite, personal fan-artists! And Regina is in conversation with a new printer, making it easier and cheaper to get as many copies of ‘Till the Last Petal Falls to readers when it the time comes as possible.


After losing my hand-written manuscript copy of the second novel of the series, currently titled ‘To Dwell in Dreams’, for about a week, I have also dove back into the draft and made some good headway in writing it. At this point, I am about halfway through this first draft- when I get a moment to breathe, I’ll be typing up what I have in preparation of the big print (where I print out the typed up second draft and go through it for initial, cursory edits). I’ve also been churning out fresh ideas left and right for the remaining book of the series- including one version that will focus on the story from the point of view of the villanness! It’s always fun when I map out how each of the stories will relate to each other. I’m getting more and more pumped up for this as I go along!

So there you have it! I have not been sitting on my thumbs, even if I have seemed a little silent regarding personal progress lately.

(And I might have a little holiday gift planned for you! Shhh! 😉 )