Thank You Blessings

I am often struck by the way in which the biggest blessings tend to come at just the right time. Fiance and I have been hard at work in buying a house- we’ve made a ton of offers, and were even under contract at one point but it fell through because of some concerns in the inspection. We’ve been so zeroed in on house hunting and initial marriage prep that I have felt lately that I don’t have any time to write. That writing almost isn’t the priority that I’ve made it out to be.

And then I got a package in the mail- a handful of thank-you notes from Pomona High School students that I had visited a couple of weeks ago to talk about my short story, Wanakufa. Many of them mentioned my ‘positive energy’ and said that I had been a funny, interesting presenter. One of them said that I had inspired her to become a better actress, and to write more. Another said that I had solidified her dream of going into publishing. All of them talked about how much they had truly enjoyed Wanakufa and my writing.

Now I know that they probably got a little extra credit for writing these notes, but what they wrote felt genuine and man, did it feel good. This is what I write for, after all. Not for fame or tons of money (though enough of that to support a family would be nice), but for the way it can change people’s lives- or even just bring a small light into lives, even for a little while. All of my tiredness in terms of writing went away in reading these thank-yous, and I am rejuvenated for this next year to write better, write more, and keep on becoming that writer that I want to be.

Don’t forget, this Christmas season, that writers really do enjoy seeing how their work affects others. You can send a thank-you or a letter to your favorite author. Another great way to show authors you enjoy that you care is to write reviews- let them know what you liked about their work, let other people know about them. I am always thankful for reviews, good or bad, as they help me decide where next to go, or improve, with my writing career.

How will you support your favorite authors into the next year?


Unique and Honest

A four-star review for the Kindle version of ‘Till the Last Petal Falls: 

This unique modernized telling of Beauty and the Beast is very easy to relate to, far more than the classic versions. With a similar tone to many of the novels written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, Elizabeth Rose addresses many of the challenges faced by real people in the world today… once the plot begins to twist and take flight it becomes impossible to put down until the end. The life written into this book by Rose ensures that it will become somewhat of a classic, at least among youth as they struggle to discover themselves and find their own way.

Thank you, Ashlea Kelsey! Click here to read the full review .

Another Five-Star Review from Succotash Book Reviews!

Today, ‘Till the Last Petal Falls was reviewed by Renee Shelton of Succotash Book Reviews, and here is a highlight :


….The story has a running theme: accept responsibility for your actions and be honest with yourself. The best line in the book comes from an unexpected visitor during an especially dramatic point:

“Trauma does not create a monster. A man always has a choice.”

…This was an exciting read. I love retellings of old fairy tales, but this one had characters that were much more flawed and much more vulnerable. Their hurts were genuinely described, in sometimes gruesome detail. I especially enjoyed the author’s choice of not using the basic template of Beauty and the Beast: the beauty doesn’t just save the beast with her love, she must first accept herself before she can love. That is the most important lesson for any young person to learn from any tale, modern or fairy.

Thank you, Renee! To read the full review, click here, and maybe even pick up one or two more recommendations from her list!

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Click here to buy your own copy, in paperback for $16.95  or in ebook form for $5.99!


Five White Rose Petals: A Review

Here are some highlights from my latest five-star review from Fran Lewis:

Characters that are so vividly depicted and scenes so graphically created that
you can see the destruction, smell the blood and feel the cuts one by one
inflicted by so many in more ways as one young man finds solace in his own pain
caused by the one person who was to protect him from harm……

This is one powerful story told through the voices of so many characters as
Jolee comes to face her own isolation, loneliness and fears when trying to
compensate with those of another. How far will you go to change you life,
protect someone you love? Will you do it to the exclusion of yourself and those
that truly care for you? Read : Til the Last Petal Falls to learn the harsh
realities of mental illness. A definite must read.

Thank you for reading, Fran!

Indie Fic Review: Awesome

J.M Brink, reviewer for Indie Fic Reviews, left his impressions of the book on his website today. Here are some of the highlights:

This story was not my personal cup of tea…This wasn’t a broken fairytale- it didn’t say there was no happily ever after, or anything of the sort, more like a twisted, dark fairytale and the ending leaves you to decide if it was happy or not… But, and this is important, I read it; I finished it, and I genuinely looked forward to turning the page- the author did a fine job….

…I’m giving this one an awesome. The writing was good…the story was recognizable…and unique; all too often these attempts at retelling the story are a copy and paste of the original work with a few things edited, or the setting updated. This, on the other hand: pure original story with the old tale as a template, very nice…

For the full review, make sure to check out Indie Fic Reviews– J.M. is an honest, no-nonsense kind of guy who is really a joy to network with. I follow his blog for more reviews of small press and self-published titles (or submit my books to him again!), and you should too!

About Reviews

March is now over, and so is the book blog tour. I would like to extend a very huge ‘thank you!’ to all the blogs that participated- we had thirteen different stops, complete with guest posts, author interviews, and character interviews. As a new author with a new book coming out of a small press, I’ve got to say that I was absolutely humbled by the large amount of support shown by my hosts and their readerships, and I was very glad to have had this opportunity to get to know some of the bloggers better, and to be able to interact with a new audience in ways that I had never really dreamed of going in to this.

If you ever want to go back and look through the tour posts again, please feel free to look for the ‘March 2013 Book Blog Tour’ category in my posts, they will all be cataloged there.


If you’ve visited my site lately, you’ll notice that I’ve changed the front page- I’m now displaying reviews! Currently, on Goodreads  the book has a five-star rating, along with two reviews from winners of my Giveaway from the beginning of the book tour. I’ve also got another review on Amazon and Barnes & Noble- bringing me to three unique reviews!

As a new author, even the smallest amount of reviews are exciting, because reviews tend to be important. I know that when  I am looking for a new book to read, the first thing that I do is ask around my group of friends and see if they have any recommendations. Reviews on sites like Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble act as a kind of internet word-of-mouth process by which books gain a better chance of being picked up because someone else has shown that the book is worth a read.

If you’ve gotten your copy of ‘Till the Last Petal Falls, I would urge you to please take a couple of moments to review it.( In fact, I would suggest that you do this for every book that you read, especially if they are by a newer author or some from a small press. )The most helpful way for you to do this would be to point out two specific things you liked about the book (characters, imagery, plot twists- without giving too much away!- or moments) and one place for improvement (language, typos, level of violence/swearing, or pieces of the work that were less strong than others). Even just three or four sentences touching on these things are better than nothing! You can add this reviews directly to the product pages on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well,  or to Goodreads if you have an account, so it’s not too much of a hassle.  It’s the greatest way that you can really give back to a new author, and ensure that they will be able to continue on to create even more works for you to love! And hey, who knows- if I really like your review, you might find it on the homepage of my website!

Thank you for all of your support thus far- I am now twenty-four chapters in to the first draft of To Dwell in Dreams, and am excited to only have six more chapters left to go before the manuscript gets sent to my beta readers for some well-needed peer reviewing and initial editing!

First Review: ‘A masterful first book’

The first review is up- it was posted today on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s website, so far a five-star!

Here is the review (taken from Amazon):

Excellent Modern Adaptation of the Beauty & Beast Story March 23, 2013

A riveting modern day interpretation of the classic Beauty and the Beast story – complete with intriguing plot twists throughout. An excellent first novel, Elizabeth Rose writes strongly, provocatively and well; it is gratifying to read a modern book which avoids the sensationalism of today’s publications and instead revels in the nuances of the English language. A masterful first book, I very much look forward to Elizabeth Rose’s next offering!