Congratulations to the winners of my recent The Thing About Apples Goodreads giveaway (which had nearly 1,000 entrants!) :

Stacy Krout

Carling Vesico

Athena De Rosa

Jennifer Siddall

Roland So

Deanna Josephitis

Crissy Shamion

Jack Marsh

Britini Gibson

Jeremy Martin


Didn’t win? You can still get a copy of The Thing About Apples for as little as $4.99 on Kindle or $15.75 in Paperback. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up the first two books of the series: ‘Till the Last Petal Falls and To Dwell in Dreams (Winner of the 2014 C.W. Coates Novel Award!)


RELEASE DAY: The Thing About Apples

It’s here! It’s finally here! The release day for The Thing About Apples is here! Thank you so much for everyone who has gotten me here- my family, my friends, my fiance, and the wonderful family at eLectio publishing…

Head on over to my publisher’s website to pick up one of the first copies of this Snow White re-telling through an autistic lens. Buying the paperback ensures that you get the eBook copy for free!

And if you’re wanting a signed copy, feel free to pop on over to my contact page to let me know. I’ll be getting my author copies ordered in soon, and I’ll make sure to get one signed just for you!