NaNoWriMo Update

So we’re halfway-ish through NaNoWriMo, so my update e-mails tell me.

At this point, I have written 26,225 words of the Painting the  Roses Red project, which translates to about seven chapters in a end goal of 40. This is a much bigger project for me, but now that I’ve started it I’m really pumped for it. It’s really done the trick of putting me in a different place and challenging what I can do as a writer within my personal favorite genre: fantasy. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this month with at least ten chapters finished and typed up of the final draft- leaving me only thirty to go after that- and starting next month I’ll be actively seeking beta readers to go chapter by chapter as I update them to make the editing process go that much more smoothly in the end.

Also starting to file away the names of potential fantasy agents and small presses for when this project is completely finished- through I’m pretty sure we’ll have at least another year or so to go before then.


Now on Nook!

And to continue the awesomeness that is ‘Till the Last Petal Falls being available electronically, it is now available from Barnes & Noble on the Nook!

About Reviews

March is now over, and so is the book blog tour. I would like to extend a very huge ‘thank you!’ to all the blogs that participated- we had thirteen different stops, complete with guest posts, author interviews, and character interviews. As a new author with a new book coming out of a small press, I’ve got to say that I was absolutely humbled by the large amount of support shown by my hosts and their readerships, and I was very glad to have had this opportunity to get to know some of the bloggers better, and to be able to interact with a new audience in ways that I had never really dreamed of going in to this.

If you ever want to go back and look through the tour posts again, please feel free to look for the ‘March 2013 Book Blog Tour’ category in my posts, they will all be cataloged there.


If you’ve visited my site lately, you’ll notice that I’ve changed the front page- I’m now displaying reviews! Currently, on Goodreads  the book has a five-star rating, along with two reviews from winners of my Giveaway from the beginning of the book tour. I’ve also got another review on Amazon and Barnes & Noble- bringing me to three unique reviews!

As a new author, even the smallest amount of reviews are exciting, because reviews tend to be important. I know that when  I am looking for a new book to read, the first thing that I do is ask around my group of friends and see if they have any recommendations. Reviews on sites like Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble act as a kind of internet word-of-mouth process by which books gain a better chance of being picked up because someone else has shown that the book is worth a read.

If you’ve gotten your copy of ‘Till the Last Petal Falls, I would urge you to please take a couple of moments to review it.( In fact, I would suggest that you do this for every book that you read, especially if they are by a newer author or some from a small press. )The most helpful way for you to do this would be to point out two specific things you liked about the book (characters, imagery, plot twists- without giving too much away!- or moments) and one place for improvement (language, typos, level of violence/swearing, or pieces of the work that were less strong than others). Even just three or four sentences touching on these things are better than nothing! You can add this reviews directly to the product pages on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well,  or to Goodreads if you have an account, so it’s not too much of a hassle.  It’s the greatest way that you can really give back to a new author, and ensure that they will be able to continue on to create even more works for you to love! And hey, who knows- if I really like your review, you might find it on the homepage of my website!

Thank you for all of your support thus far- I am now twenty-four chapters in to the first draft of To Dwell in Dreams, and am excited to only have six more chapters left to go before the manuscript gets sent to my beta readers for some well-needed peer reviewing and initial editing!

Progress Update: Long Overdue!

What with the recent release of my first poetry collection early this November, it seems like I’ve all but forgotten about ‘Till the Last Petal Falls in the whirl of the book launch, preparation, and promotion. I promise you, that’s not the case! Even amidst all the nerve-wracking, and yet wonderfully fulfilling readings and appearances, I’m constantly working on ‘Till the Last Petal falls and the rest of the Once Upon a Reality series.

After touching base with my editor, Regina, today I now know that she has finished the last round of edits and will be getting it back to me to work on in the next week or so (just in time for my holiday break!). So in that respect we are just that much closer to publication!

Along with that, we are also tweaking and perfecting the YouTube video advertisment that will be released for the book. It looks great as it is, however I requested a couple of image changes to protect the rights of one of my favorite, personal fan-artists! And Regina is in conversation with a new printer, making it easier and cheaper to get as many copies of ‘Till the Last Petal Falls to readers when it the time comes as possible.


After losing my hand-written manuscript copy of the second novel of the series, currently titled ‘To Dwell in Dreams’, for about a week, I have also dove back into the draft and made some good headway in writing it. At this point, I am about halfway through this first draft- when I get a moment to breathe, I’ll be typing up what I have in preparation of the big print (where I print out the typed up second draft and go through it for initial, cursory edits). I’ve also been churning out fresh ideas left and right for the remaining book of the series- including one version that will focus on the story from the point of view of the villanness! It’s always fun when I map out how each of the stories will relate to each other. I’m getting more and more pumped up for this as I go along!

So there you have it! I have not been sitting on my thumbs, even if I have seemed a little silent regarding personal progress lately.

(And I might have a little holiday gift planned for you! Shhh! 😉 )