Current Amazon Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Current Barnes & Noble Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Current Goodreads Rating:   3.88 out of 5 stars

Praise for ‘Till the Last Petal Falls: 

This was an exciting read. I love retellings of old fairy tales, but this one had characters that were much more flawed and much more vulnerable. Their hurts were genuinely described, in sometimes gruesome detail. I especially enjoyed the author’s choice of not using the basic template of Beauty and the Beast: the beauty doesn’t just save the beast with her love, she must first accept herself before she can love. That is the most important lesson for any young person to learn from any tale, modern or fairy.

-Renee Shelton, Succotash Reviews

‘Till the Last Petal Falls is an engrossing exploration of love, abuse and enduring friendship…[the book] is worth reading not only for the gripping plot but also for the underlying lessons….I can’t wait to read the rest [of the series].

-Jelena Subotic, Amazon reader

Characters that are so vividly depicted and scenes so graphically created that you can see the destruction, smell the blood and feel the cuts one by one inflicted by so many in more ways as one young man finds solace in his own pain
caused by the one person who was to protect him from harm……

This is one powerful story told through the voices of so many characters as Jolee comes to face her own isolation, loneliness and fears when trying to compensate with those of another. How far will you go to change you life, protect someone you love? Will you do it to the exclusion of yourself and those that truly care for you? Read : Til the Last Petal Falls to learn the harsh realities of mental illness. A definite must read.

-Fran Lewis, author and online reviewer

This book tackles the subject of domestic violence and abuse very realistically. The way the main character finds herself in a violent relationship, when all she wanted to do was help, is done so organically that the reader finds themselves just as trapped… Not a light read by any means, but very compelling

-Michelle Hauck, author of Kindar’s Cure

This wasn’t a broken fairytale- it didn’t say there was no happily ever after, or anything of the sort, more like a twisted, dark fairytale and the ending leaves you to decide if it was happy or not… I genuinely looked forward to turning the page- the author did a fine job….

…I’m giving this one an awesome. The writing was good…the story was recognizable…and unique; all too often these attempts at retelling the story are a copy and paste of the original work with a few things edited, or the setting updated. This, on the other hand: pure original story with the old tale as a template, very nice…

-J.M. Brink, Indie Fic Reviews

A riveting modern day interpretation of the classic Beauty and the Beast story – complete with intriguing plot twists throughout. An excellent first novel, Elizabeth Rose writes strongly, provocatively and well; it is gratifying to read a modern book which avoids the sensationalism of today’s publications and instead revels in the nuances of the English language. A masterful first book, I very much look forward to Elizabeth Rose’s next offering!

-Barnes & Noble Review


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