Book Blog Tour: Last Stop!

Today we finish up the tour with a character interview with Liori Aviner, ‘Til the Last Petal Falls’ Lumiere character. This stop takes us even across the pond with L.M. Steel, a new author from the UK!


Stay tuned next month for a new incentive for readers of my debut novel, and more news about my second!


Book Blog Tour: The Cult of Me

Today, I get interviewed by Michael Brookes, author of The Cult of Me and Conversations in the Abyss. This interview is all about my writing, how I get into the mood for it, and some of my biggest influences!

Book Blog Tour: Second to Last Stop!

Well, it’s been a blast everybody! I’m glad that I got this awesome opportunity to tour around a couple of great blogs and meet some new potential readers, as well as take the time to really examine myself as a writer, and my book as a product.

So for my last stop, we have something most dear to my heart- On Day by Day I talk about my own faith and how I came to see how domestic violence is incompatible with a Christian worldview. Whether or not you subscribe to this particular belief, I know that many of us have been affected by the ways that religious doctrine can be used to keep people in bad situations. I hope that my arguments for the unacceptable nature of abuse in the Christian tradition will at least release women of that faith from their bondage- and give other tips on how to explain to victims they might know why they are allowed to leave their attackers.

Book Blog Tour: The Power of Stories

In one of the last stops of the tour, I take a moment on The Lindsay Show  to talk about the power of re-tellings specifically, which may give you a glimpse at how I finally decided on re-telling Beauty and the Beast as my first serious project.

Book Blog Tour: Careful the Things You Say..

…wishes are children! Today, on the inspirational blog of Omar Kiam, I took the time to ponder the power that fiction has– for good or ill- over our lives. A trigger warning: I discuss domestic violence in this post.