Looking for Blogs to Host a Book Tour!

Hey everyone! We’re coming up soon on my next book release and I’m looking to go on a virtual book blog tour the month after it’s release. If you would be interested in hosting a leg of the book tour in July, please contact me.  To look at some examples of my last book tour, for the release of ‘Till the Last Petal FallsI’ve compiled them all under one tag. In the past, I’ve done author interviews, character interviews, guest posts, and excerpts. I am also willing to do interviews in video-response form. The tour will be for my second novel, To Dwell in Dreams, which you can read about here. 


And remember, if you’re looking for a host for your own book tour, or looking for somewhere to submit your own guest posts, I’m always open to submissions. Check here for a list of previously posted guest posts, as well as my submission guidelines.


Tour Stop: The Judas Kiss


About the Book:

Judas’ Kiss haunts him 2 millennia into his unending existence. Torn between petty gods and their hunger for power, a faithless police officer slips further into machinations that have already cost the life of someone he loved. Mark’s story finally begins to unfold in the newest volume of Angella Graff’s well received series: The Judas Curse.

Just as Detective Ben Stanford is ready to put the past at rest, he’s pulled down once again into the chaos of gods, theology, and mystery. Told that his sister is alive and the two immortals, Mark and Judas, have been kidnapped by the treacherous goddess, Nike, Ben must find a way to rescue the pair before she can harness their powers.

While Mark waits alone, forced to write out the story of how their powers came to be, and Judas lay tortured by the angry Goddess, a reluctant Ben must enlist the help of an unwilling being from the ancient Norse Pantheon.

Time is ticking, and the hard-headed detective must use everything he learned in the past to prevent another disaster, which could potentially wipe-out the human race.

Excerpt: Mark’s Story

Booksellers: AmazonCreatespace

About the Author:

Angella Graff was born and raised in the desert city of Tucson, Arizona. She married and became a mother very young, and after getting started with her family, began her University studies where she found her passion for creative writing, history and theology.

She now resides in Tucson with her husband Joshua, three children, Christian, Isabella and Adia, and their three cats, Archive (Ivy), Lasciel and Fix. She prefers to spend her days writing, gardening, and reading non-fiction theology theory books. Angella is also an avid, if not fanatic fan of Doctor Who and BBC Sherlock, which tend to dominate her dry, sarcastic humor, a lot of which is apparent in her writing.
Currently Angella is working on an Urban Fantasy series called The Judas Curse, involving extensive research into Mythos, Christianity and history. The first book of The Judas Curse, The Awakening, was released November 2012.

For more information, visit Angella’s website, Amazon page and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

To learn more about the author and her work visit our author showcase page.

Event pages on Facebook and Goodreads have also been created so you can be sure to keep up to date with all the fun events. You may even catch Angella chatting with her fans. Check out Angella Graff’s official tour page for her full schedule and the entry form for the giveaway.




Why You Should Care About This Book:

I’m always a huge fan of seeing how the stories that we’ve been told as children can be re-told and looked at through a new lens to reveal new meaning as we grow older (hence the entire reason why my first series centers around re-telling popular fairy-tales). Especially as a Catholic-Christian myself, writing my senior undergrad thesis on metaphorical theology, I think a series like this has some real potential to make the stories of this rich tradition relevant and grounded in today’s day and age.

Also, I would never pass up the chance to support other female authors- especially up and coming ones!




Cassandra by Starlight Blog Tour Stop!

About Cassandra By Starlight: 

Falling in love makes Cassie Wallace’s everyday and normal life much more complicated that she’d ever thought it could be.

Being an independent and somewhat unconventional woman, she?d never intended to fall head over heels for a handsome, charming and younger man, one who lived a life she?d only ever imagined before on the big screen.

But Bennett Saville, up and coming star of theatre and film and filthy rich to boot, was one such man. From the tips of his shiny Armani loafers to the auburn curls on his head, he turns Cassie’s world upside down. From their initial tragic meeting to the dangers that threaten them both as their relationship grows more intense, Cassie finds herself a willing participant in Bennett’s world. She learns about a life in show business and living with a man who is constantly on show to the world – not to mention having to face the fact that women throw themselves at him with regular abandon.

Cassie embraces the challenges as only she can, in her usual feisty fashion, lending humour and compassion to their developing relationship. And when violence and fear comes calling for them both, it takes the two of them to hold the dangers at bay and face the events together.

An Excerpt from Cassandra By Starlight

About the Author, Susan Mac Nichol:

Susan Mac Nicol was born in Leeds, UK, and left for South Africa when she was eight. She returned to the UK thirty years later and now lives in Essex. Her debut novel ‘Cassandra by Starlight’, the first in a trilogy, has recently been published by Boroughs Group Publishing in the US.

Sue has written since she was very young, and never thought she would see herself being a Romance writer, being a Horror/Psychological thriller reader all her life. But the Romance genre is now something very close to her heart and she intends continuing the trend.




Why You Should Care About Cassandra by Starlight:

The book deals with the issue of female on male rape as well as schizophrenia. It’s primarily a romance but does have a dose of suspense in it. There are two lead characters-Cassie who is deeply in love with Bennett, the other main character. Bennett is an actor and is stalked and raped by a fan. The author did extensive research and has been credited by a well-known male rape survivor/activist who has had to deal with a lot psychological effects and ridicule since the attack.

To view the author’s explanation about Female-on-Male rape and her inclusion of it in her debut novel, see her post about it here  on Evolved World. I personally welcome awareness of the fact that rape is a crime that can happen to anyone, and encourage fiction that pushes for more recognition of male victims alongside female victims. Having known both males and females who have been sexually harassed and/or raped by other females in my own life, I would love for all critique of rape culture to recognize the evil of every form of rape, be it gang, date, female-on-female, female-on-male, male-on-female, or ‘stereotypical’ stranger in the alley rape. I support the attempt by the author to bring this taboo subject some more light in a way that can truly resonate with the lives and intellects of her readers.

To enter the giveaway for a free copy of Cassandra by Starlight click here. You can even win entries for commenting on this blog post!


I’m Now a Book Blog Tour Host!

As of today, I am now officially a ‘Tour Host’ for Virtual Writer’s INC. I will be accepting guest posts relating to writing fiction, the process of fiction publishing, as well as promoting books that are attempting to further social justice through fiction, bringing awareness to world issues through woman’s fictions, or are vehicles for dealing with trauma and difficulty, both personal and societal. I will be accepting requests to host tours from the Virtual Writer’s Inc., but you can also click here for my guest post submission guidelines, as well as examples of previous blog tour submissions, to see if you might have some content that you would like to pitch to me.

My first official tour stop will be Tuesday, April 30th, for Cassandra By Starlight by Susan Mac Nicol. There’s a sweet giveaway being associated with this blog tour, so stay tuned for more information about this new release!


About Reviews

March is now over, and so is the book blog tour. I would like to extend a very huge ‘thank you!’ to all the blogs that participated- we had thirteen different stops, complete with guest posts, author interviews, and character interviews. As a new author with a new book coming out of a small press, I’ve got to say that I was absolutely humbled by the large amount of support shown by my hosts and their readerships, and I was very glad to have had this opportunity to get to know some of the bloggers better, and to be able to interact with a new audience in ways that I had never really dreamed of going in to this.

If you ever want to go back and look through the tour posts again, please feel free to look for the ‘March 2013 Book Blog Tour’ category in my posts, they will all be cataloged there.


If you’ve visited my site lately, you’ll notice that I’ve changed the front page- I’m now displaying reviews! Currently, on Goodreads  the book has a five-star rating, along with two reviews from winners of my Giveaway from the beginning of the book tour. I’ve also got another review on Amazon and Barnes & Noble- bringing me to three unique reviews!

As a new author, even the smallest amount of reviews are exciting, because reviews tend to be important. I know that when  I am looking for a new book to read, the first thing that I do is ask around my group of friends and see if they have any recommendations. Reviews on sites like Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble act as a kind of internet word-of-mouth process by which books gain a better chance of being picked up because someone else has shown that the book is worth a read.

If you’ve gotten your copy of ‘Till the Last Petal Falls, I would urge you to please take a couple of moments to review it.( In fact, I would suggest that you do this for every book that you read, especially if they are by a newer author or some from a small press. )The most helpful way for you to do this would be to point out two specific things you liked about the book (characters, imagery, plot twists- without giving too much away!- or moments) and one place for improvement (language, typos, level of violence/swearing, or pieces of the work that were less strong than others). Even just three or four sentences touching on these things are better than nothing! You can add this reviews directly to the product pages on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well,  or to Goodreads if you have an account, so it’s not too much of a hassle.  It’s the greatest way that you can really give back to a new author, and ensure that they will be able to continue on to create even more works for you to love! And hey, who knows- if I really like your review, you might find it on the homepage of my website!

Thank you for all of your support thus far- I am now twenty-four chapters in to the first draft of To Dwell in Dreams, and am excited to only have six more chapters left to go before the manuscript gets sent to my beta readers for some well-needed peer reviewing and initial editing!

Book Blog Tour: Second to Last Stop!

Well, it’s been a blast everybody! I’m glad that I got this awesome opportunity to tour around a couple of great blogs and meet some new potential readers, as well as take the time to really examine myself as a writer, and my book as a product.

So for my last stop, we have something most dear to my heart- On Day by Day I talk about my own faith and how I came to see how domestic violence is incompatible with a Christian worldview. Whether or not you subscribe to this particular belief, I know that many of us have been affected by the ways that religious doctrine can be used to keep people in bad situations. I hope that my arguments for the unacceptable nature of abuse in the Christian tradition will at least release women of that faith from their bondage- and give other tips on how to explain to victims they might know why they are allowed to leave their attackers.