Guest Appearance: Ann Mock

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! Today on the blog we have the author Ann Mock promoting her novel The Union of the North and South. 


Romance and suspense come alive in this uplifting Christian novel set in the
South in the 1870s.
The reader will fall in love with the intriguing story of Laura who overcomes
personal tragedy, and is forced to hide a secret that, if revealed, will cause
her great heartache. Amidst the revitalized social scene of a South
recovering from the War Between the States, Laura has to sacrifice one of
her most precious desires in order to protect someone she loves above all
else. Yet as the world around the Malcolm family improves they are also
forced to overcome numerous challenges. Sitting on the banks of the
Mississippi, Oak Grove, the ancestral home of the family, and the oaks that
shaded it symbolize the Malcolms courage, resilience, and strength. Can
Laura make her enemies become allies as she confronts her secret and finds
the strength to forgive as well as to love again?

Mock agreed to a quick interview, in order to let ya’ll learn more about her and her work:

1) In the excerpt I read, there seems to be a connection between forgiveness and positive action, in Laura deciding to forgive and taking on a new charitable task in the same time-space. What is the importance of this action, to you?
I feel that helping others is so important!  By looking beyond yourself I feel you can start to heal.  The process of doing something for others allows you to turn your focus from issues that can cause you grief.  As you help others, I feel true healing begins.
2) You mentioned that one of the big reasons why Laura is needing to learn to forgive is because of her fears that her father-in-law would take her child after annulling her marriage. What about her situation do you think is the most important for women today to relate to? 
Laura’s situation can be very similar to women today.  Most women today are faced with problems relating to family members and must learn to deal with them effectively.  I hope I give everyone hope to realize how important forgiveness is no matter what issues occur in their lives.
3) Why set the story in the 1870s?
When I was traveling in Vicksburg, Mississippi, I saw a cannonball that was embedded in the wall at Cedar Grove.  The history of that time period after the Civil War has always fascinated me.  I was inspired to begin the story in that time period.  I wondered how someone would react when she met someone who might have fired this cannon at her house.
4) What role has forgiveness played in your life, that you thought it important enough to write a novel on?
Like everyone, I have had to deal with issues that required great forgiveness on my part.  I am so glad that I was able to forgive because I feel free of the burdens of resentment which were slowly destroying my happiness.
5) What is your favorite part of Laura?
I love the great value she puts on being a mother and protecting her child at all costs.
To check out The Union of the North and South, as well as more information about Ann Mock, visit her Facebook page, or go check out a copy for yourself!
6) What is your favorite part of writing?
Creating the story and the characters was so much fun!  It was a joy to watch it all come together.

Follow-Up Interview

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