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Current Guest Posts/ Tour Stops:


The Message: A Guest Post

The Judas Kiss: A Tour Stop

Cassandra By Starlight: A Tour Stop


Ears Open, Tongues in Cheeks: A Guest Post

t_subrosaGender-Bending Fairy-Tales: An Author Interview 

How Women Author’s are Rising: An Author Interview


Conversations in the Abyss: Interview Tour Stop

Interested in contributing a guest post to the ‘Once Upon a Reality’ blog? 

Fill out this contact form with a pitch for a guest post or request for a book blog tour stop. I will consider anything that has to do with fiction writing, fiction publishing or anything regarding the publishing industry. I also have a special interest in anything that can be tied to women’s social justice issues, or women’s right’s issues, as they can be tackled or dealt with through the art of fiction (fiction for awareness, writing/reading fiction as a way to deal with personal or collective trauma, the way that stories have shaped the lives of women for either good or ill). I will also consider anything having to do with the state of women’s fiction, positive or negative.

I WILL NOT accept any guest posts that are inappropriate (racist, sexist, ableist themes and the like), or promotions for erotica (Nothing particularly wrong with erotica per se, but this is not the place for it). I will also not accept posts that are promotions for genres other than woman’s fiction UNLESS you can give me a clear reason why it fits with the criteria above (I will, however, accept posts that are focused on the process of writing, say, a YA fantasy novel, if it focuses mainly on the writing process and not the book itself).

Posts should aim to be around 500-1000 words long, with at least one corresponding image (a headshot can count for this, or covers of the book). I will allow for three links- to websites, Facebook pages and/or giveaways- in the post. Please provide a bio of up to 50 words to be included in the post.


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